Satya Nadella’s First Interview as Microsoft CEO: I’m Honored, Humbled, Excited

Nadella talks about the challenges at the helm of the software giant

Satya Nadella has officially replaced Steve Ballmer at the helm of Microsoft, so he has now embarked in an adventure that’s supposed to continue the company’s transformation to devices and services and fix a number of issues that the software giant experienced in the last couple of years.

Nadella explained in his first interview as Microsoft CEO that innovation is the key to success, so it’s pretty clear that he wants his company to focus on new technologies more than before.

At the same time, Nadella says that he feels honored, humbled, and excited to lead the tech giant, adding that more great things are to come for Microsoft in the next few years.

Nadella will work together with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who has stepped down as chairman to become a technical adviser and focus on new products and technologies as the company continues its transformation plan.

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