Second-Generation Microsoft Surface RT to Cost $249 (€193) – Report

The tech giant is working to launch a new tablet next month

Word is that Microsoft is planning to launch the second-generation Surface tablet next month during the BUILD developer conference, but no official details have been provided so far.

A report by Digitimes, however, claims that Microsoft has already completed the development of the device, so a new Surface tablet is very likely to be introduced in late June.

What’s more, sources “from the upstream supply chain” are claiming that Microsoft is pondering a $249 (€193) starting price for the next-generation Surface. While no specifics are provided, insiders also point out that Microsoft could boost the price tag to nearly $299 (€232) for the entry-level model.

Everybody is still waiting for an official announcement from Microsoft on this, but given the fact that the BUILD developer conference will also witness the debut of Windows 8.1, this is going to be a very, very interesting event.

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