Security Expert Confident That Windows XP Users Could Protect Their PCs

Those still running XP need to decide whether to migrate or not by April

Windows XP will be discontinued in April and the migration to a newer operating system is the hottest topic these days, especially because many users refuse to do it and prefer to stick to the ancient OS.

Gartner research vice-president Stephen Kleynhans says that while sticking to Windows XP isn’t quite the best decision in terms of security, many users know exactly how to protect their machines, so exploiting vulnerabilities might not be such an easy task after all.

“The key thing to do is limit the opportunities for new malicious code to get on those devices, then harden them so that, if they are exposed, there is some line of protection,” he said according to ComputerWeekly. “Generally, people know what they have to do.”

Windows XP currently has a market share of 28 percent, so chances are that many users would still run it after April 8 when Microsoft is scheduled to stop releasing updates and security patches for this particular OS version.

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