Security Firm Recommends Users to Dump IE for Google Chrome

IE8 and older versions are affected by a new security flaw

Microsoft has already confirmed that Internet Explorer 8 and older versions are affected by a security flaw that would allow attackers to take control of a vulnerable system, but the company has also recommended users to switch to IE9 or IE10 (if possible), as these two releases aren’t affected.

Windows XP users, however, cannot upgrade beyond Internet Explorer 8, so choosing another browser seems to be the only solution.

Security firm Avast recommends users to dump Internet Explorer completely and choose Google Chrome. While seeing an anti-virus maker promoting a third-party browser isn’t a new thing, it’s pretty clear that older Internet Explorer versions aren’t quite the safest apps on Earth.

“We recommend switching browsers for a more secure one like Google Chrome. In addition to being more secure than IE 8, it is also faster and supports HTML 5, giving you a better browsing experience,” Avast said.

Download Google Chrome from Softpedia. Internet Explorer 9 and IE10 Release Preview are also available for free.

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