Sign This Petition to Ask Microsoft to Bring Back Aero in Windows 8

Users are now urging Microsoft to offer an Aero option in the new OS

Windows 8 is a pretty controversial product and many people have criticized it for many features, but also for the lack of a Start button and the Aero interface.

Now users are asking Microsoft to bring back the Aero effects with the help of a petition that’s supposed to show the company that such a feature is actually pretty important for its consumers.

“To remove this feature from the otherwise-good Windows 8 is a real step backwards, especially to those who are not using 8 on a tablet or laptop. Please allow Aero Glass to be an option-as it was in Vista and 7 - for those of us who would like to use it,” the petition reads.

Microsoft has already revealed that it had no plans to make any changes to the way Windows 8 looks, so this petition is not very likely to bring any significant change in the new operating system.

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