Skype 6.1 Comes with Outlook Integration Download

Microsoft details the changes available in the latest Skype version

Skype 6.1 for Windows comes with a long list of improvements, including Outlook integration and a visual update to the toolbar.

Outlook now displays the online status of each contact in your list, information and mood message within the contact card.

What’s more, users are now allowed to call someone on their mobile or landline from Outlook, but also to send an instant message or start an audio or a video call with an Outlook contact that’s also on Skype.

Aside from Outlook integration, adding contacts is now easier than before. “You can now add someone by searching for them directly out of your contacts list. If they're not in your contact list yet, results will come up so you can add them in 2 clicks,” the Skype team said in a post.

Click here to view the full changelog of the new release or here to download the updated version.

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