Skype 6.5 for Windows – What’s New

Microsoft rolled out a new Skype version a few hours ago

As I’ve told you not a long time ago, Microsoft rolled out a new Skype client for Windows that brings improved video messaging and plenty of fixes.

The company has recently rolled out the changelog too, revealing that version 6.5 also brings bugfixes for issues spotted in file transfers, network, keyboard navigation, and stability.

Basically, users reported that at random times, whenever they clicked the cancel button during a file transfer, the progress bar displayed the successfully completed message, while the “Cancel all” option didn’t stop all transfers.

In addition, Skype crashed when selecting offline contacts and clicking on call phone, while others reported issues when exiting or when trying to send files.

Last but not least, the new version makes it possible to access the “Add phone number” option with the keyboard, while also repair a bug that blocked notifications when the call was lost.

Download Skype 6.5 for Windows from Softpedia

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