Skype 6.9 Updated on Windows – Free Download

Microsoft has launched a new version of the Windows Skype client

A new Skype version was released only a few minutes ago, but Microsoft is yet to provide any specifics on this fresh build.

Skype is only aimed at Windows operating systems and since it’s just a minor update, it most likely focuses on fixing bugs and addressing a number of performance issues reported in earlier builds.

The application continues to offer support for all Microsoft’s Windows versions still on the market, including the soon-to-be-retired Windows XP and the newly-launched Windows 8.

What’s more, the application also works on Windows 8.1 too, but only in the desktop side of the operating system. A Modern version of Skype is also up for grabs for Windows 8 users, while Windows 8.1 comes with a pre-installed copy of the app from the get go.

Download Skype for Windows

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