Skype Giveaway – One Month of Free Calls

Skype rolled out a new special offer for Christmas

Skype has just announced that it’s launching a new campaign to offer users one month of free calls.

The Premium Skype service allows you to call any landline phone number in the 40 countries supported at this moment, but also mobile phone numbers in a total of seven countries.

“We want to give you the very best of Skype free for a month. It’s an offer you can only get through this free trial and includes an unprecedented amount of features that’ll make it easier to catch up with those you love,” Skype said on its page.

“So don’t worry about how long you talk, running out of minutes or what it’ll cost — it’s our gift to you, and it’s only available for a limited time.”

Users who want to register for this giveaway need to provide credit card details, Skype said. Even though they won’t be charged for their first 27 days, the service would then require a fee of $9.99 (€7.5) per month for all those who wish to continue using Premium Skype.

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