Skype Silently Bans imo Messaging Service users are no longer allowed to login to Skype

Microsoft’s Skype has quietly pulled the plug on imo, a popular web-based messaging service that provides support for the most popular protocols on the market, including Yahoo, Jabber, Google Talk and Facebook.

While no clear details have been provided on the matter, imo administrators started reporting connectivity issues to Skype servers a few hours ago, claiming that Microsoft has most likely blocked the access of their service to the VoIP platform.

“We are unable to support Skype due to our inability to connect to their servers. We don't know if we will be able to support Skype any time soon as it depends on factors out of our control,” a notification posted on imo’s official page reads.

Microsoft is yet to release a comment on this, but I’ve contacted the company for a word on this, so I will update the article when and if I get an answer.

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