Skype Video Messages Launched on iOS, Windows Version in the Works

Microsoft is working on a new feature for its Skype client

Video Messages are now available on iOS, Android and Mac and, even if the Windows client is Microsoft’s priority right now, the company says that such a version will actually arrive at a later time.

The Verge writes that Video Messaging allows Skype users to send videos of up to three minutes, even if the recipient is not online. The video is delivered just like a text message, with a play button to let the contact watch the clip instantly.

Since the feature is not yet available on Windows platforms, users of the Windows client only receive a link to an online clip whenever they get a Video Message.

“We’re pleased that there’s interest for Video Messaging to come to Skype for Windows and Skype for Windows 8. We’ll let you know when we expand the service to the platform,” a Skype spokesperson was quoted as saying.

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