Skype for Windows 8 1.6 – What's New

Here are the improvements implemented in the new Skype version

Microsoft released a new version of Skype for Windows 8 only a few hours ago, bringing several improvements and bug fixes supposed to make the app work a bit more smoothly on Microsoft's new operating system.

Basically, the most important change is the addition of a contact blocking feature that allows users not only to block specific contacts, but also to remove and report contact requests as spam.

The update also comprises several bug fixes, most of which are meant to improve the overall quality of the calls you make via Skype.

For example, Microsoft patched a bug that blocked the outgoing video from displaying after switching camera in the “Options” menu, but also a calling issue that displayed a wrong error message when a call failed.

Skype no longer crashes when clicking on the “Info” menu option, while the new version finally makes it possible to switch between calls on hold.

Last but not least, it's very important to note that this new Skype release also comes with a bug, so in some cases when Skype is in the background, call answers attempts might not succeed. A workaround is not yet available, but a fix should be introduced in the next builds.

Download Skype for Windows 8 1.6 from Softpedia

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