Skype for Windows 8 Shows Up in the Store, Still Not Clickable

Microsoft is getting ready to release Skype for Windows 8

Microsoft has announced that Skype for Windows 8 would be unveiled on Friday, but the application already shows up in the Windows Store.

The only problem is that it’s not clickable, so nobody can download and install it at this moment. What’s more, it appears that Microsoft is only performing some sort of test, as the app doesn’t show up for all Windows 8 early adopters.

On the other hand, whenever you launch the Windows Store and you type in “Skype,” the Store loads a small suggestion panel, recommending you to search for the VoIP app.

Doing this however brings you to an error page and the Windows Store claims the app is no longer available.

More to come very soon, as the program will most likely be released in the Store tomorrow.

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