Skype for Windows 8 Updated and Released for Download

Another Skype update is delivered via the Windows 8 Store

Skype has landed on the Windows 8 platform a few weeks ago, but the company has already released the first update for its very popular VoIP application.

The update is obviously delivered via the integrated Windows Store and comes with general bug fixes and improved video call performance.

What’s more important, however, is that the new Skype for Windows 8 comprises dedicated tools to search people and groups and to call Messenger contacts.

The updated software can be deployed on any Windows 8 device, as it supports all three major versions released at this point, namely x86, x64 and ARM.

Skype is expected to receive many more updates in the next couple of months, as the app will soon take control of the “Messenger” business from Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft will completely retire WLM and stick to Skype for all instant messaging options.

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