Skype’s Blog, Twitter and Facebook Accounts Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Hackers posted messages telling Microsoft to “stop spying on people”

The Syrian Electronic Army managed to break into several important accounts in the first day of 2014, including Skype’s social accounts and the official blog of the service.

The SEA hackers first managed to compromise the official Skype Twitter account, which has more than 3 million users, and posted a message telling Microsoft to “stop spying on people.”

Later on, the same hacker group published a new post to say that the “Syrian Electronic Army was here,” along with their official logo. A few minutes after that, the same image appeared on the Skype blog, while the Facebook page got various messages posted by hackers.

Microsoft was quick to remove the Twitter and Facebook posts, but the Skype blog is still unavailable at the time of writing this article.

A short tweet posted on Twitter by the Skype team vaguely explains what happened, “You may have noticed our social media properties were targeted today. No user info was compromised. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

We’re still waiting for a few more details from Redmond, so we’ll update the article accordingly when we have them.

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