Skype to Kill Desktop API by End of 2013

The company wants developers to switch to Skype URIs as soon as possible

Skype has recently announced that it would kill the desktop API by the end of 2013, thus encouraging developers to make the switch to Skype URIs and start create apps for mobile, web, and desktop.

An announcement published by GigaOM reveals that Microsoft is hoping to get improved delivery speed of calls and messages, enhanced battery life and access to Skype from a wider array of platforms.

“Going forward, developers will be able to write applications, which use features of Skype across all the major platforms, through the use of Skype URIs. We believe this will allow developers to create innovative mobile, web and desktop solutions, while retaining a familiar and consistent Skype experience across devices,” Chris Andrews, Head of Skype Developer Program, explained in the announcement.

The Desktop API, which was officially launched in November 2011 as an improved version of the original Skype Public API rolled out in 2004, allows third-party apps to connect to the Skype network.

The new Skype URIs, on the other hand, would support Skype’s growth on mobile, one of the new priorities for the refreshed devices and services firm.

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