Sleipnir 3.8.2 Available for Download

Changes touch on stability and functionality improvements

Sleipnir (for Windows) has been updated to a new minor build, incrementing the number to 3.8.2. The fresh revision focuses on improving stability and functionality through repairs and modifications.

Sleipnir 3.8.2 adds “Use Hold and Go” option to the customization menu and adds a new function, designed to prevent actions of SuperDrag Extension via URL wildcards.

The repairs available in this revision address serious issues, such as crash bugs. Occasionally, the application would terminate abruptly after loading a page or when acquiring FeedReader favicons. On the other hand, some users have experienced process hangs.

Another fix refers to BASIC authentication dialog not being displayed in WebKit.

Minor problems have also been fixed, failure to close address bar history with mouse click and being able to go back and forward on tabs that have been locked being among them. All modifications for this release are available here.

Download Sleipnir; also available in portable form.

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