Sleipnir 3.8.3 Available for Download

You can import bookmark groups from version 2 as folders

The latest update for Sleipnir does not bring any new features to the table as the developer focused on hunting bugs down in order to increase the stability and usability of the application.

First on the list of changes is the ability to import bookmark groups from Sleipnir 2 as folders, which should ease the transition to the latest version.

Several crash bugs have been squashed in this release, one of them creating trouble when clicking the “back” or “forward” buttons on protected tabs. Another manifested in Windows 8, when RoboForm toolbar would be enabled.

The application would also terminate abruptly when dragging and dropping text from external sources in SuperDrag Extension.

Additional repairs touch on the functionality of various elements, such as the status of the “back” and “forward” buttons, as well as overall usability of the web browser. You can check all the changes on this page.

Download Sleipnir; also available in portable form.

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