Sleipnir 3.8.4 Available for Download

It solves issue with high CPU usage during auto-update

The fresh version for Sleipnir does not carry any new features, but the developer includes small modifications as well as a handful of repairs.

Starting this revision web page capturing is linked with SnapCrab for Windows. For the operation to be successful, you need version 1.1.0 of SnapCrab or later.

The list of problems fixed in this build is quite short but announces important modifications that touch on overall stability and functionality of the application. Among them is fixing the issue that caused a high amount of CPU to be required during the automatic update procedure.

Also, there should no longer be problems with displaying the “View” menu after closing tabs. On Windows XP, using the “Save page to cloud” option would cause lines to be included in the image.

Download Sleipnir; also available in portable form.

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