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During the holidays, Softpedia is offering O&O Defrag at a special price

Your software and system's responsiveness relies heavily on your hard drive's ability to find and read files as fast as possible. Inevitably, files will always be fragmented and scattered across your hard disk, so fixing this problem is vital if you want to keeping your drive in top shape. The solution is a good defragmenter and today we're offering a 33% discount for one of the most popular apps in this field.

While most defragmenters out there provide a simple on-demand scan, O&O Defrag will offer a wide array of options that will limit the time wasted on tedious, repetitive tasks and make your overall experience much more enjoyable.

Using O&O Defrag, you'll be able to easily create defragmentation jobs that can be scheduled to run on a regular basis, so you won't need to worry about running this task manually. If the process might interfere with your work, you can either choose to run it while the screensaver is active or leave it running before shutdown and let O&O Defrag turn off the workstation once it's finished.

Additional options allow you to include or exclude certain drives, folders or files from the defragmentation process. You can also access the O&O ActivityMonitor section to limit the software's processor load or decide in which scenarios shouldn't defragmentation be performed.

While novice users might find useful O&O Defrag's status view (an overview of largest and worst fragmented files) or history and statistics (which track fragmentation growth and defragmentation efficiency), experienced computer users will be glad to discover boot time defragmentation options, detailed status reports and the ability to process several drives simultaneously.

All in all, O&O Defrag is a must-have utility, especially if you care about your hard drive's health, so don't miss this chance and get it at a 33% discount.

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