Softpedia Exclusive Discount: 50% Off Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Create logos and eye-catching animations in just a few minutes

We're offering today a useful piece of software for all those in need of a quick, powerful and yet professional solution to create 3D animations. Although it provides a wide variety of features and options, Aurora 3D Animation Maker is very easy to use, allowing you to create eye-catching 3D animations in just a few minutes.

Whether you're trying to create an animated logo or just trying to transform text into a cool animation, this app can help you produce them with just a few clicks. One of the software's biggest advantages is the long list of templates, which allow to use different shapes, icons, lights and, of course, text styles.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker provides all the basic tools any designer might need. Since we're talking about 3D animations, you can insert both two-dimensional shapes (squares, circles, stars, etc) and three-dimensional figures (cube, sphere, cone, cylinders etc).

Experienced users will be glad to find out Aurora 3D Animation Maker also features advanced customization options. The app allows them to apply bevel / distort / particle effects, import files in SVG format or export their designs as video, flash, animated GIF or a sequence of images.

Don't miss your chance, grab Aurora 3D Animation Maker at a great price - creating logos and animations will never be a burden again!

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