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The days of PowerPoint presentations are numbered, especially for those who are really trying to impress, so today we're offering an alternative that provides a much wider array of options and features. Aurora 3D Presentation will help users create impressive presentations in no time and without necessarily requiring advanced IT experience.

As its name suggests, Aurora 3D Presentation helps you create projects by adding various 3D objects. You can easily control the position of these objects and their orientation by using one of three axes.

First of all, Aurora 3D Presentation offers an easy start for its users by providing templates, which are conveniently sorted in five categories: Common, 3D Model, Chart Table, Image Wall and Navigation UI.

Once the template has been selected, you can start adding text (available in 2D and 3D), shapes (available as 2D shapes and 3D objects) and objects. Objects vary from the classic images, videos, walls, tables and buttons to data graphs, particles and even 3D models. Once again, keep in mind that all these objects can be moved in space.

Aurora 3D Presentation allows to take the customization to the next step by formatting your text, adding animations (move, flip, fade, slip, scale etc.), adjusting object effects (style, bevel, transparency, etc.), adding sounds or moving the camera angle.

Since neither words nor screenshots do this app justice, you can also take it for a spin, as it's available in trial version, but we're sure you won't go back to PowerPoint or other 'antique' presentation software after seeing its full potential. So, here's your chance to buy this awesome program with a 50% discount.

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