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Purchase an great audio editor and recorder at an awesome price

Today, we're offering a 56% discount for Dexster, the one stop shop of audio tools. You can use it to edit / record audio files and even extract audio from CDs and videos. Dexster provides basic editing features, but it also allows you to apply different effects and filters to your audio file.

First of all, Dexster can be used to perform basic audio editing tasks. You can easily select a section of your audio file and cut/copy/paste it or, of course, trim it. Furthermore, Dexster can also be used to insert silence/delete silence or mix paste.

Dexster's strong point is its wide array of effects and filters that can be fully customized. So, you can apply various effects, such as Amplify, Fade, Normalize, Reverb and Delay, or you can just use one of the following filters: band/low/high pass, low/high shelf, FFT, FIR and Notch.

Last, but not least, Dexster provides a few additional tools that might come in handy: a CD ripper, an audio recorder, a batch file converter and an audio extractor for video files.

Click here to buy Dexster for $19.60


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