Softpedia Exclusive Discount: 55% Off Picture Cutout Guide

Separate an object from its background with this easy-to-use software

Today we're offering a 55% discount for Picture Cutout Guide, an app which makes it easy to separate an object from its background. You can also use it to paste a separated image into another photo and make a collage of pictures.

Picture Cutout Guide is a very useful app if you often discover that objects from one picture would look great in another picture.

For example, if you have a picture of yourself and a picture of a beautiful landscape, you can easily place yourself in front of that landscape. The same feature can be used, of course, to create beautiful picture collages.

Using Picture Cutout Guide you can process or remove the background of any object (and use that object alone or paste it on another image). The background can be processed by applying shadow, blur, color and monochrome effects.

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