Softpedia Exclusive Discount: 60% Off Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

Buy Hard Disk Sentinel now, so you want to worry about your hard drives tomorrow

On our second day of exclusive promotions, we're offering an application that will help you prevent one of the most common hardware problems: hard disk failures and data loss. Monitoring your hard drive can help you avoid performance degradation and even predict possible disasters that might result in a complete loss of stored data.

Since yesterday we started promoting AusLogics BoostSpeed, a program that helps you keep your operating system in top shape, today we're offering a tool that will be very useful if you're concerned not only about your workstation's software health but about its hardware health too.

The important information hard drives often store forces you to be twice as careful, because a hardware failure might not only lead to irreparable damage, but also a loss of data that no money in the world will bring back.

Hard Disk Sentinel is here to prevent that: you can use it to monitor temperatures, perform error checks, analyze S.M.A.R.T. attributes and even view detailed information regarding your hard drive and its performance.

There are a couple of features that make Hard Disk Sentinel even more valuable: first of all, it can communicate with all types of hard disks – IDE, SATA, SCSI, even SSD or USB connected drives. Furthermore, in case something goes or might go wrong, Hard Disk Sentinel also provides a wide array of alerts that can be sent both locally – by playing a sound, for example, or remotely – through emails.

In order to avoid any further damage, alerts can also be set to take action in certain situations; so, although you're not in front of your computer, Hard Disk Sentinel can back up your data or shut down the PC for you.

Hard Disk Sentinel is the perfect monitoring tool for both novice users – offering important information right on your desktop or system tray – and experienced users – providing access to detailed reports.

For a limited time only, Softpedia brings you the Professional edition of Hard Disk Sentinel with a 60% discount – that's a $21 price cut. The Professional edition provides the highest level of data protection and allows you to carry the software on your USB stick.

Click here to buy Hard Disk Sentinel Professional for $14

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