Softpedia Exclusive Giveaway: 40 DefenseWall Personal Firewall Licenses

Win one of the 40 DefenseWall Personal Firewall licenses just by leaving a comment

You rarely see a campaign on Softpedia that doesn't promote spyware blockers and this year's campaign is no different. Today, we're offering you the chance to win a license for one of the most popular adware / spyware / keylogger / rootkit blockers on the market: DefenseWall.

DefenseWall Personal Firewall is not your ordinary firewall. It won't annoy you with learning modes, ports configuration or endless popups and it's fully compatible with any software configuration you may be running.

DefenseWall offers a different approach: instead of wasting time patching every security hole an app might breach, all you have to do is mark that app as untrusted and it will never be able to harm your computer.

By restricting an app's rights, malware components will no longer be able to infect your workstation or even 'call home.' So whether we're talking about known or unknown malware, security breaches will no longer be a problem, because they won't have sufficient rights to perform any unwanted changes.

DefenseWall is the first security app that offers enhanced system security without forcing you to waste time learning about its configuration or possible security holes. Here's your chance at winning a license (worth $39.95) for this useful software: leave a comment below explaining how you'd put this program to good use and the most convincing posts will receive one of the forty activation codes.


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