Softpedia Exclusive Giveaway: Wise Care 365 PRO

Grab a license for Wise Care 365 and tweak your system's performance with a few clicks

Wise Care 365 is one of the most recent apps from WiseCleaner and its popularity is growing by the day as more and more users take advantage of its full potential. Wise Care 365 provides access to several modules covering system clean-up, system tweaking and privacy protection.

For a limited period of time, Softpedia is giving away licenses for the PRO edition, which provides access to useful security tools, automatic updates and a variety of custom skins – to make usage much more enjoyable – along the plethora of optimization tools already available in the FREE edition.

The fastest, easiest way to start with Wise Care 365 is the Check Up Now button from the program's PC Checkup area. It will scan your computer and provide an overview of all areas that require your attention. If you'd like to cover all the modules available in Wise Care 365, but don't want to waste too much time customizing each scan, PC Checkup will provide details regarding all important issues in one place, making it a lot easier for you to repair them with the click of a button.

From the System Cleaner area, users can easily find and delete files and registry entries that are no longer needed. While the Registry Cleaner module will erase registry entries and the Common Cleaner module will remove useless files, Advanced Cleaner lists files that might not be useful and System Slimming lists Windows items that might not be required. It's up to decide which files and components are no longer useful, but make sure you make an informed decision.

From the System Tuneup area, you can use various tools to improve your operating system's responsiveness. The System Optimizer module provides access to a wide array of tweaks that will help you improve system stability, accelerate startup/shutdown and speed up your network and system. Of course, defragmenting your disks and your registry will also help a lot and you'll find the necessary tools in this area. Last, but not least, from here, Wise Care 365 allows you to control which items should run at system startup or should be listed in system's context menu.

Privacy Protector is Wise Care's area that ensures no data will be recovered from your hard drives. The Privacy Eraser module, available only in Wise Care 365 PRO, helps you clear your history – not your legal record, just your history of viewed pictures, watched videos, accessed files and pages visited. Furthermore, the Disk Eraser module will make all deleted files unrecoverable, while the File Shredder module erases files beyond restoration. Wise Care also includes an easy to use password generator that will create hard to break passphrases for your accounts.

All these features are available in the PRO edition of Wise Care 365 at the price of $19.95, but you can have them for free by following the instructions below.


Click here to download Wise Care 365 and click here to get your license


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