Softpedia Giveaway: 70 Licenses for Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Home

Win a free BatchPhoto license, just by entering a witty comment

Today's giveaway marks a special event: this month, BatchPhoto celebrates its seventh anniversary, so our friends at Bits&Coffee have decided to offer you, our loyal visitors, the chance to win one of the 70 licenses of Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Home, each worth $34.95.

As the name suggests, BatchPhoto helps you process multiple pictures without editing them individually. Changes are made with the help of filters that will be applied to each of the photos you've selected.

BatchPhoto provides a wide array of filters that vary from image effects and watermarks to rotate / flip / crop options and even decorations. While most of these filters require a few seconds of your time to set up, BatchPhoto also features automatic filters, like Auto Rotate or Auto Gamma, that will process the image without the need for customizations.

Decorations offer you a few basic, yet fun borders and frames that you can use improve the way your pictures look. Annotations can also be applied to the images in the form of comments or date/time text.

If you're also interested in image effects, you can let BatchPhoto automatically set the contrast / gamma / levels, but you can also apply and customize various effects yourself. The classic blur, emboss, sepia, black&white effects are available plus a few interesting additions (charcoal, implode, swirl, etc.) that will surely give your pictures a different look.

Last but not least, you can just use BatchPhoto to rotate, crop, roll, flip or resize all your images with just a few clicks. As mentioned above, you can also use the Auto Rotate option to change the orientation of specific pictures from your batch.

If you'd like to own a Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Home license (valid both on Windows and Mac computers), here is your chance to win one just by posting a comment to this article, describing how you'd put it to good use. The most convincing comments will be awarded with a free license, so don't forget to leave a valid email address. Wishing Happy Birthday won't hurt either.

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