Softpedia Holiday Exclusive: Makeup Guide Giveaway

Today we're giving away Makeup Guide, a virtual makeup photo editor worth $45

If you didn’t have the chance to apply makeup before taking a picture, starting today, there's no need to worry about these awkward situations anymore. Using Makeup Guide, you can easily edit your photos and apply lipstick, rouge, eye shadow, eye liner, although you can also change your eye color.

Makeup Guide is the must-have virtual makeup bag of any woman who wants to leave her makeup problems behind. Whether you don't like wearing makeup or you didn't have enough time to prepare, Makeup Guide can help you change your appearance in just a few seconds.

Makeup Guide offers one great advantage, of course. Being a virtual makeup photo editor, you won't waste any more time applying the makeup on your skin again and again. In case something goes wrong, you just select Undo and any makeup mistake instantly disappears.

As you'll surely notice, Makeup Guide doesn't require any advanced IT experience, so you can start using it “right out of the box.” So, without further ado, here's your chance to grab this useful software worth $45 for free.

Click here to get Makeup Guide for free!


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