Sony Bets “Heavily” on Windows 8’s Touch Features

The company hopes that Windows 8’s touch capabilities will increase hardware sales

It’s no secret that Windows 8 is considered a truly powerful hero for the collapsing PC market, but for some hardware manufacturers it’s only the touch support that’s really important.

Sony Vaio VP Steven Nickel told Fast Company that Windows 8 is not at all a disadvantage for the other players in the industry, emphasizing that “the opportunity is just to see what Windows 8 brings in terms of mobility.”

And because “mobility is in our DNA,” Sony expects its very own Windows 8 devices to sell in high numbers pretty quickly, Nickel said.

“To be able to have the operating system and the support around it to further enhance that capability, and to bring the quality that you expect from Sony to it - it enables us to take it to the next level,” he explained.

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