Staples TV Ad Claims Windows 8 Is Confusing – Video

Staples is offering free Windows 8 training for every machine bought

It appears that Microsoft already considers Windows 8 a disappointing product, but the company actually blames PC makers and not the GUI changes that turn it into a rather confusing working environment.

A new commercial released by Staples suggests the same thing: many of the “improvements” integrated into Microsoft’s latest operating system are actually pretty confusing, so some of the users may need special training to discover all its features.

Staples is already offering free Windows 8 Training to anyone who purchases a new computer from their store, in an attempt to boost sales of Windows 8 devices.

Of course, Microsoft may not like the commercial, but given the fact that so many users are actually finding Windows 8 difficult to use, maybe it’s the right time to bring back the Start Menu.

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