Start8 1.0.3 Available for Download

It adds new hotkeys for showing Windows 8 Start Menu

The start button for Windows 8 from Stardock has been updated to a new minor version. The fresh release extends the functionality of the application and adds a slew of fixes for problems discovered in earlier releases.

Start8 (reviewed here) 1.0.3 brings to the table a new Desktop page in the configuration panel and the possibility to control which taskbar the start button appears on. Additionally, the application includes options for hiding modern UI application from the start menu and toggling the visibility of the user picture.

The set of hotkeys for showing the Windows 8 Start Screen has been expanded and now features Ctrl/Shift + Win key to trigger the action.

Repairs available in the new revision address problems such as the occurrence of blank lines in the Modern UI applications list when IE shortcuts are pinned to the Modern UI start menu. The full list of changes can be viewed here.

Download Start8

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