Start8 1.02 Can Open Locations from the Start Menu

It includes a single new feature and several repairs

Although Start8 from Stardock has received a minor update, to version 1.02, the list of modifications contains fixes for several important annoyances. A new option also made its way onto the list.

Beginning with this revision, Start8 (reviewed here) allows you to open locations in Windows Explorer by typing the path in the start menu.

Repairs address issues like the display of an empty search screen when backspacing in an empty search box or the failure of modern UI icons to scale with higher DPI. On the same note, DPI setting lower than 100% should no longer cause the start menu to appear too large.

On some machines, the All Programs tree icons would become corrupted, but the developer took care of this problem, too.

The full changelog is available on this pageDownload Start8.

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