Staying with Windows XP Is Three Times More Expensive than Buying Windows 8

Microsoft-commissioned study emphasizes the high costs of using Windows XP

A new Microsoft-commissioned study comes to alert users who are still running Windows XP that staying with this OS beyond its retirement date is not only very risky, but also pretty expensive.

The research conducted by IDC and published by The Financial Express reveals that the average costs of upgrading for Windows XP business users is $95 (€73) based on a three-year amortization period.

Sticking to Windows XP, on the other hand, is by far more expensive, as companies would have to pay about $300 (€232) for custom support and security improvements after April 8, 2014.

"Approximately 50-60 per cent installed PC base in the enterprises are still running Windows XP. This is an alarming situation as non-migration puts businesses at risk of security breaches and could potentially create a big dent to the company's brand image," Microsoft India Director, Windows Business Group, Amrish Goyal, was quoted as saying.

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