Steam: Windows 8 Almost as Popular as Windows 7 32-Bit

Users running Valve's Steam platform seem to embrace the new OS

Windows 8 is often criticized for some of the changes it brings to the market, but it appears that gamers running the popular Steam platform are a lot more satisfied with Microsoft's new OS.

New Steam data for the month of May 2013 reveals that Windows 8 is now installed on 12.72 percent of computers running the gaming platform, which makes it almost as popular as the 32-bit version of Windows 7.

While the 64-bit build of Windows 7 continues to top the rankings with a record 53.47 percent, the 32-bit flavor was installed on only 13.16 percent of computers running Steam last month.

Even if Valve's gaming app is becoming a lot more popular among Linux users, Ubuntu is still trailing behind all the other operating systems, with the 13.04 version reaching a share of 0.61 percent.

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