Steve Ballmer Crowned “Most Improved Tech CEO” of the Year

Microsoft’s CEO improves his score in Glassdoor’s report

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been named the “most improved tech CEO” of the year by jobs and career community website Glassdoor, as he managed to improve his annual score by 17 points.

The report shows that Ballmer has recorded a CEO Approval Rating of 46 percent this year, which is actually below many other important CEOs in the industry, such as Google’s Larry Page (94 percent), Apple’s Tim Cook (93 percent) and Oracle’s Larry Ellison (78 percent).

Ballmer, however, has managed to win the “most improved tech CEO” title thanks to a 17-point growth from last year’s 29 percent.

There are only two other CEOs ranked lower than Steve Ballmer for 2012, namely Netflix boss Reed Hastings and Xerox head Ursula Burns with 42 percent and 21 percent, respectively.

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