Steve Ballmer Is a Great COO, Says Former Employee

Joachim Kempin is back, once again bashing Microsoft’s CEO

Joachim Kempin, the man who left Microsoft in 2002 and who’s now bashing the Redmond-based software titan with every single occasion, is back, obviously to criticize CEO Steve Ballmer once again.

Kempin told KOMO 4 News in an interview that Ballmer is actually a great COO and no, this isn’t a typo. The former employee thinks that Steve Ballmer is actually the right man for the COO position, as he doesn’t have what it takes to become a CEO.

“I think he's a great COO. As CEO I think he needs to have more of a technical vision,” he said in the interview.

Bill Gates, on the other hand, was a lot different and knew how to get the job done whenever Microsoft started work on a new project, Kempin explained.

“Bill Gates was ‘let’s go and get this done.’ There is no real technical leader inside the company [now].”

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