Steve Ballmer: Microsoft Surface Will Surprise You Right Out of the Box

Microsoft’s CEO says the future Microsoft devices will be “great”

Microsoft is no longer a software company, as it finally made the transition to a devices and services firm, so thanks to this new “vision,” it plans to launch several new devices in the next few years.

Steve Ballmer hinted in the letter he sent to Microsoft’s shareholders that his company would indeed prepare several devices that will surprise its buyers, suggesting that the upcoming Surface tablet is only the first step of this hardware revolution.

“So right out of the box, a customer will get a stunning device that is connected to unique communications, productivity and entertainment services from Microsoft as well as access to great services and applications from our partners and developers around the world,” Ballmer explained.

Microsoft will take the wraps off the Surface tablet on October 25 during the Windows 8 launch event that will be held in New York, with sales to begin the next day.

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