Steve Ballmer: Windows 8 Is an “Unprecedented Opportunity” for Developers

Microsoft’s CEO once again calls for developers to create Windows 8 apps

Microsoft really needs developers to create applications for Windows 8, but the Redmond-based technology titan thinks this business also goes the other way around.

Speaking to a group of developers in London, CEO Steve Ballmer emphasized that Windows 8 is an unprecedented opportunity for developers, as the “proposition has never been better.”

“We think you can actually build better applications on our devices and you get access to the single biggest operating system platform in the world, which is the Windows platform,” Ballmer said in his keynote.

Of course, Microsoft needs to get closer to developers, as the company must further increase the number of apps available in the Windows Store.

At this point, the lack of applications is considered one of most important problems for all Windows 8 platforms, including for the tablet-oriented Windows RT.

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