Steven Sinofsky Is a “Phenomenal Visionary” – Microsoft’s Guggenheimer

Microsoft exec talks about Steven Sinofsky’s departure

Steven Sinofsky decided to leave Microsoft last month and although there were plenty of rumors regarding his departure, we’re yet to find out the official reason.

Attending LeWeb Paris today, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for the Developer & Platform Evangelism Group Steven Guggenheimer talked to moderator David Kirkpatrick on several topics, including Sinofsky's departure from Microsoft.

Guggenheimer quickly denied, explaining that Sinofsky has actually decided to leave all by himself. “You used the term ‘forced out’ I won’t use that term. Steven left and decided to leave,” he said.

Sources familiar with the matter have even hinted that Sinofsky was the one who insisted for a Start Screen in Windows 8, which means he could be solely responsible for the removal of the traditional Start button.

Guggenheimer, however, also said that Sinofsky is a “phenomenal visionary” and “phenomenal shipper,” TechCrunch reports, so he will definitely be missed at Microsoft.

Neither Steve Ballmer nor Steven Sinofsky have talked about the break-up since November, but we do know that Sinofsky is still under Microsoft’s payroll until the end of the year.

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