Super Models App Lands on Windows 8 with Tons of Free Pictures

If you’re looking for super models galleries, this is the right app for you

The Windows 8 Store is growing up pretty fast, so it now holds a wide array of apps from almost any software category. Including super models photo galleries, that is.

The so-called “Super Models Gallery” app for Windows 8 has just landed in the Store and brings tons of free pictures right in your Modern UI.

The app automatically downloads pictures from Microsoft’s very own Bing and displays them in an easy to browse layout.

“You can use semantic zoom to easily find models by name and select an overview of pictures for each model. Besides viewing all pictures in a grid, you can view the pictures one by one in a large format,” it is mentioned in the official app description.

The app supports the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, as well as ARM devices, which include Microsoft’s Surface RT.

Click here to load the app in your browser.

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