Surface Pro Buyer Receives 128 GB Model in 64 GB Box

Microsoft apparently messed up the boxes for some Surface Pros

Microsoft is still trying to deal with a Surface Pro shortage but, according to company officials, new tablets should arrive in stores by the end of the week.

An interesting story, however, comes from Surface Pro customer Andrew Hill who posted on Twitter a message saying that he actually received a 128 GB model in a 64 GB box.

“Got my Surface Pro 128 GB preorder today at Best Buy. They received qty 4. Odd thing is the packaging is messed up. Shown 64 GB,” Hill wrote.

According to his tweets, the tablet was picked up from a Best Buy store in Missouri. “It seems it was just bad packaging material during the manufacturing,” he concluded.

Everybody is still waiting for Microsoft to announce international availability of the Surface Pro, but more information on this is reportedly expected in the coming months.

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