Surface Pro Loads Photoshop Faster than a Desktop – Microsoft

This tablet is the right choice for those who want to use complex software, it says

Since it runs the full version of Windows 8, the upcoming Surface Pro will allow users to install and use desktop applications, including the likes of Photoshop, Mozilla Firefox and Yahoo! Messenger.

But as far as the Surface team is concerned, Photoshop on the Surface Pro seems to be a match made in heaven.

StevieB, a member of the team, said on Reddit that Microsoft’s new tablet could load Photoshop faster than a desktop computer, trying to emphasize that it really had the power to replace a traditional laptop.

“I see people around here use Surface Pro as their main machine… switching from reading an eBook in their hands, running Outlook, and flipping it to the desk and running a full version of Photoshop. I just loaded Photoshop the other day... and boy it loaded fast... Faster than my desktop. I was like ya baby,” he said.

The problem, of course, remains the available storage space. The 128 GB model has only 83 GB of free space, while the 64 GB is limited to just 23 GB. And still, Microsoft says there’s no problem with this.

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