Surface RT Is Off to a Weak Start at Non-Microsoft Stores Too

New unofficial reports point to disappointing sales for the device

Although it initially planned to sell the Surface RT exclusively via its own stores, Microsoft has recently decided to make the device available at third-party retailers too, in an attempt to boost weak early sales figures.

This move, however, doesn’t seem to be paying off, as both Staples and Best Buy are reporting modest sales for Microsoft’s first tablet in history.

R.W. Baird’s William Power reports that officials of the two large retailers have confirmed that the Surface RT is still a rather unpopular option for tablet shoppers, as most are attracted by the iPad or the Nexus 10.

“Microsoft’s Surface, which Best Buy just recently started carrying, was not recommended to us by reps without us asking about it specifically. When asked about sales to date, reps noted that the device was new and indicated that early demand has been modest relative to the iPad and Kindle Fire,” Power said.

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