Surface RT Sales to Stand at Around 750,000 Units, iSuppli Suggests

Microsoft might have produced 1.25 million units last year

Redmond-based company Microsoft was recently suggested to have sold only a very small number of Surface RT tablet PCs since making the device official in October last year, but it seems that things might not look that bad in the end.

A recent report from iSuppli suggests that Microsoft might have sold only around 55 to 60 percent of the 1.25 million units shipped in the fourth quarter of the last year, which would translate into 680,000 to 750,000 Surface RT devices being sold to end users.

Compared to the previous estimation of less than 250,000 units, the new figure looks better, but it still shows that the slate failed to impress.

Given that both Surface RT and the Windows RT loaded on it are new products, it does not come as a surprise that they underperformed, Rhoda Alexander, analyst at iSuppli, said, according to CNet.

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