Surface with Windows 8 Pro Already Fails to Excite – Analyst

Interest has muted a little bit, a Forrester analyst explains

A recent research rolled out by Forrester revealed that company employees are ready to dump their iPads in the favor of Windows 8 tablets, but it seems like interest in a device running Microsoft’s latest operating system is quickly declining.

Forrester analyst Ted Schadler told InformationWeek that Microsoft’s new Surface Pro fails to stir up interest in Windows 8 tablets and demand for such a product is dropping very fast.

And still, Microsoft is still considered a contender in the tablet market, the analyst added, while also explaining that early reviews of the Surface Pro may have disappointed plenty of users.

In addition, another Forrester analyst, this time Dave Johnson, explained that Windows 8 tablets interest has muted a little bit, especially because the existing products running Microsoft software, including the upcoming Surface Pro, fails to meet expectations.

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