Temple Run for Windows 8 Confirmed

A new version of the game is expected to be released in the next few months

Imangi Studios officially released Temple Run 2 for iOS platform a couple of days ago, but developers are also working to port the popular game to Windows 8 as well.

Company co-founder Keith Shepherd told Polygon in an interview that a Windows 8 version of Temple Run was also in the works, but he refused to provide an estimated release date for this build.

The ace up its sleeve is the Unity platform that would allow the game to run on multiple platforms, including Microsoft’s Windows and Windows RT, the operating system currently installed on tablets.

“We designed it to be cross-platform from the get-go. Unity's a really powerful tool,” Shepherd explained.

As said, no release date has been provided, but we expect the Windows 8 version soon after the Android version of Temple Run 2 sees daylight next week.

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