The 128 GB Surface with Windows 8 Pro Is Still Out of Stock

Consumers have no other option than to buy the 64 GB version

Microsoft officially unveiled the Surface with Windows 8 Pro on Saturday and all stores in the United States ran out of tablets shortly after that, confirming the “amazing” consumer response that Microsoft was talking about.

Even though Panos Panay, head of the Surface division, said in a statement that Microsoft was working with partners to replenish supplies, the 128 GB Surface Pro is still unavailable for the time being.

This means that consumers have no other option than to either wait until the top-of-the-range model becomes available, or purchase the 64 GB version of the tablet.

Of course, nobody knows for sure when the 128 GB model will be back in stock, but we’ll keep you posted on this and we’ll update the article as soon as the tablet is once again available via Microsoft’s website.

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