The Best of Windows 8 in a Two-Minute Video

Microsoft releases new video to showcase Windows 8

Windows 8 is a reinvented version of Windows, as Microsoft’s execs like to think, so every single feature bundled into this new operating system is “focused on your life.”

Needless to say, Microsoft finds Windows 8 revolutionary, so it’s no wonder that the company releases clips like this every once in a while to bring its main features in the spotlight.

As you can see for yourselves by clicking on the “Play” button, the Windows Store continues to hold a key role in Windows 8’s long-term future, although the current app count is still disappointing most of its users.

If there’s something that really deserves to be praised this time, it’s the awesome music on the background.

Is it just us, or the folks over at Microsoft’s marketing department have a pretty fine taste in choosing great music for their ads?

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