The Hefty Price Is Microsoft Surface’s Achilles’ Heel – Analyst

Market research firm believes that Microsoft’s tablet is a bit too expensive

The cheapest version of Microsoft’s Surface tablet comes with a price tag of $499 (€380), but that could be a bit too much, market research firm IDC says.

The device is available in three different versions, with the entry-level package coming with 32 GB of storage space, but without a Black Touch Cover.

Even though the tablet has enjoyed an immense success after Microsoft released the preorder program, the hefty price tag could disappoint on the long term, the analysts believe.

“With the recent introduction of a number of Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets, consumers now have a third viable tablet platform from which to choose. However, price points are critical in tablets, and Microsoft and its partners will have a tough time winning a share of consumer wallet with price points starting at $500,” IDC said according to ComputerWorld.

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